Light Bee electric off-road bike​

6061 Aluminum is junk for sprockets, beware of sprockets not made of 7075 aluminum.

7075 is 3 times the cost of 6061. No legitimate sprocket maker would use 6061 material. 

It's cheap for a reason

Heading 3


Easy to maneuver like a bicycle, but with fun producing power like an off-road motorcycle. It enables the rider to focus more on riding, and having fun.​

Welcome to Sur-ron USA,

Our intention is to make your Sur-ron

experience as great as possible. It is a great product, but can be made better, that is where we come in. My purpose in life is to make motorcycles better and possibly designing and manufacturing my own. That is a major undertaking, so for now making the Sur-ron bike better will be my focus. Hopefully I can make your Sur-ron bike better for you. New products will be coming for you to check out.

Have Fun Riding,

Kim Reeg



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