This is Kim Reeg. I am a lifelong bicycle / motorcycle enthusiast. My racing career culminated in winning the 250 expert class at Hangtown in 1976 at age 18. At 50 I raced the Baja 250 resulting in winning my class and finishing 8th overall. I also raced a season of speedway winning my division for the season.
I have been a machinist for 38 years and have had my own CNC machine shop for 29 years.
My main focus has been to give people value. At my shop we are always striving to make better parts, prettier parts and give the customer more than their moneys worth. I couldn't sleep at night if I ever cheated anyone.
I did a stint with the pit bike racing which resulted in http://www.reegmx.com/     Building racing parts out of billet aluminum to win races . I heard my billet swingarms sell for more  now (used) than when I made them new 10 years ago.
 The last 5 years has been an interest in electric bikes. My first experiment was a bike with 10 hp that would do 65 mph.

Sun Tong.jpg

​A couple of years ago I was asked to make a sprocket by my then friend Eric who was starting a electric bike online retail store https://lunacycle.com/   I came up with this using my imagination and Solidworks. I design and make all of his custom sprockets in my machine shop.

During the last 5 years I have dreamed of making my own electric bike. The first project bike was too dangerous to sell to the public so a lot of time has been spent researching motors, motor controllers and batteries. Recently I was designing a Bafang crank powered bike. In the middle of designing this bike I came upon the Sur-ron bike. 

After studying everything I could about the bike including talking to the factory, I decided that this design was far superior to what I was designing to be machined out of billet. The Sur-ron frame parts are made on a 6000 ton press.

I don't happen to have a 6000 ton press and the parts are formed quite intricately with exact

structural shapes that machining cannot match. I fell in love. When I lay my bike over the Sur-ron

bike you can see the similarity 

I ordered a bike and had it flown to my shop. I have had the test bike for a month and a half and it is better than I thought it could possibly be. I thrash the thing at the local motocross track and am usually the fastest guy on the track with only 4 hp at the rear wheel. I had it tested on a dyno.

I tried to get a deal with Eric at Luna Cycles to sell the bikes but we are not seeing eye to eye

these days. Just order a bike on Luna's website and go have fun !!!