What to do when you get your bike

1. Cut the plastic wrap off of the box with a sharp knife. A cut straight down will release the entire wrap.

2. Lift the box off of the base platform. Mine just lifted off but there may be some staples holding it to the base. I turned the cover upside down and used it as a place to put all the protective trash.

3. Take the front wheel out and unwrap. Carefully cut the plastic bands that hold the bubble wrap

on the different parts.

4. When you have all the bubble wrap removed it is time to look at removing the bike from the base.

Cut the strap that holds the rear suspension. Cut the strap that holds the front suspension.

5. I would set up a 5 gallon plastic bucket to set the frame in at this point, so that you can deal with putting the front wheel on after the bike is removed from the base. Anything that is sturdy that is 12 to 15 inches tall will work to set the frame on (under the motor) A 5 gallon plastic pail works best as the frame sits right in it perfect to put the front wheel on.

6. In one of the boxes there is a tool kit with a 4 mm and a 5 mm hex wrench that you will need to mount the handlebars, front brake and throttle. I would take off the handlebar mounting clamp at this point, there are 4 bolts. Before you mount the handlebar I would slip the front brake on the right side followed by the throttle. Make sure (all) the cables are not twisted and look like they should before you slide on the front brake lever and throttle. The throttle cable should be across the top of the front brake. I would put the handlebars in place and put the clamp with the 4 screws on to hold the handlebars in place. Do not

tighten any of them but have them all equal. The handlebars should sweep back and the outside parts will eventually be level with the ground. Look at the marks on the handlebars at the clamp to see that the bars are centered in the clamp and (lightly) tighten the 4 bolts. You will finish the handlebar adjustment and tightening later.

7. The removal of the front axle can be tricky and an assistant would be good at this point to hold the bike while you remove the axle. The front axle is hollow and has a cap on each end that is used to secure it. Remove one of the caps and leave the other one in place finger tight. A 3/8 round piece of rod 12 inches long would be perfect for pushing out the axle but other things will work. The idea is to put the rod through the axle until it is hitting on the inside of the cap on the other side and push the axle out. This is where the assistant come in to hold the bike up. If the bolt will not push out you can use a hammer to gently tap the axle out. The front of the bike will drop when the axle is removed and if your assistant can lift some of the weight off of the front the axle it will come out easier.

8. Time for you and your assistant to move the bike so that the bottom of the frame is on the 5 gallon bucket or whatever it is you improvised. Carefully cut the plastic tie that holds the front wheel spacer to the front hub. Install the spacer to the side that needs one and be careful to not pinch the rubber seal. Twisting it in might help. During all this make sure (not to squeeze the front brake) because that will pinch the brake pads together and make sliding the disk between them impossible. If you do do that so that the front disk cannot slid between pads then carefully and slowly pry them apart being careful not to damage them. The piston has to push the fluid back up the brake line. When installing the front wheel it would be good to have an assistant hold the bike from falling off the bucket or somehow secure the bike from falling over. Put the front wheel into position with the front axle handy. The disk needs to slid between the brake pads. Slid the axle in holding the wheel in place. Put the axle cap on the end of the axle and tighten. Not crazy tight but tight. There are 2 bolts under each fork leg that pinch the axle.

put those in and tighten evenly. 4 bolts total.

9. There are the fork covers to deal with(maybe). There are 6 small bolts that hold them on. Put the one with the cable holders on the brake disk side. Take the top cable clamp off with a 2 mm hex wrench(which they don't give you in the tool kit). Put the cable through the lower hooks and up through the 2 screw holder and tighten the 2 clamp screws. They screw into plastic so don't get crazy. Hold the covers on place as you tighten the screws (3 on each side) so that there is a gap in front and the covers don't hit the fork tubes when the forks compress.

10. You can take the bike off the bucket and put the kickstand down. The kickstand has a safety switch

the kills the throttle when it is down. Now would be a good time to sit on the bike and adjust the handlebars how you would like them. Kind of level with the ground is good. Adjust the front brake and throttle. You want to push the throttle on until it stops and the move it slightly back. This is so the grip does not drag on the end of the handlebar on the inside. The throttle cable should not be hitting on the top of the front brake. Tighten everything tight but not crazy tight. The handlebar clamp bolts should be evenly tightened to the spec written on the clamp. I don't have anything to measure that. You want your handlebars tight but not so tight the bolts are about to break or the threads to strip.

11. So at this point you are starting to get antsy to ride the bike. Almost there. Find the keys in bag in the box and stick one of them in side of the battery hold down and twist the indicated direction to open. Swing up the battery hold down and look up inside where wires go. There is a circuit breaker that needs to be switched on. Close the lid until you hear it click. There is a display on top of the battery that has a little button on the side. Push the button to display the battery charge level. Just note it. Put the key in the ignition and twist to the right. The left handlebar display should come on. Put up the kickstand and it should go. There is a sport mode/eco button on the left side. The tires are SLIPPERY when new so 

don't get crazy until they are broken in.