Things You Can Do

1. Raise the handlebars. If you find that the handlebars are too low as I did, here is what you can

do to raise them about an inch. What you end up doing is turning the stem that holds the bars upside down. First remove the 4 handlebar clamp bolts with the 4 mm hex wrench and set the clamp aside. Let the handlebars dangle from the cables for a bit. Take the little rubber cover off of the stem hold down bolt and remove the bolt with the 5 mm hex wrench. Set that aside and loosen the 2 stem pinch bolts. Slide the stem off and put it on upside down. The handlebar clamp pocket should now be higher. Put the stem hold down disk back in place with the screw and loosely tighten. Put the handlebars back in their place and put the clamp back on with the 4 screws even but loose. Center the bars in the clamp and get them twisted how you like them and tighten the 4 screws to the recommended torque written on the clamp. Tight, but not crazy tight, if you have no way of measuring. Sit on the bike and sight the handlbars straight with the front wheel. When you have it where you want it tighten the pinch bolts. Tighten the stem hold down disk to the stem and replace the rubber bolt cover. That is it. Higher bars.

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2. Disconnect the rear brake throttle cutoff for easier wheelies. This would be for advanced riders only!!! Do wheelies at your own risk !!! If you disconnect the rear brake safety throttle cutoff you can feather the rear brake when the bike goes over center instead of the power being cut and the front of the bike slamming down. This is not a 'how to do a wheelie section' If you don't understand what I am talking about, please just skip doing this change to the bike. To disconnect the rear break throttle shutoff remove the plate that holds the main key switch. Lift the key plate

out of the way. Follow the small wire that goes from your rear brake perch to the area under where the key switch usually is. There is a connector block that the wire plugs into. Pull out the plug. Replace the plate careful not to pinch any of the wires. Now the power will not be cut when the rear brake is applied.

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